Marcus Flynn – Project Manager & SAP Consultant

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marcus_profileMarcus has responsibility for business development and SAP technology. Since the setup of ERPapps in 2014, his primary focus has been delivering solutions to clients that pay back on the massive investment that comes with SAP.

Marcus has over 17 years experience as a SAP Consultant. He is an excellent communicator, project manager and accomplished programmer. A Trinity College graduate with an honours degree in Biochemistry, he has a particular interest in developing IT solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector.

Derya Sousa – Java/Web Developer & Designer

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derya profileDerya is a Java/Web Developer and Designer with over 10 years experience. A highly skilled Oracle certified Java programmer specialising in UI and UX practices with excellent knowledge of web development technologies and platforms.
A results-driven individual, dedicated to excellence and with a particular interest in graphic design, Derya has had the opportunity to advise and implement web applications and solutions for several companies.

Eithne Purcell – Java and PHP Programmer

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eithne profileQualified software developer specialising as a Java and PHP programmer with over 10 years’ experience.
Having previously worked within the financial and IT services industries, Eithne has worked extensively on a variety of projects within the supply chain industry for the past 5 years.
With strong technical and analytical skills, Eithne is a highly talented open source programmer with a proven ability to find the best technical solutions.

Carl Flynn – Mobile Application Developer

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Carl_FlynnCarl has over 15 years experience working on a range of different web and mobile development projects for both large and small organisations. His particular skill set crosses both design and development boundaries with a particular interest in the development of front-end systems that can deliver beautiful, simple and engaging experiences for their users. He has extensive experience programming in many different languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Groovy and Processing. He is particularly interested in the resurgence of JavaScript as a serious development language, as well as the arrival of some incredible front-end tools (Backbone.js, AngularJS, Cordova/PhoneGap, Bootstrap, JQuery) for the creation of highly dynamic web and mobile applications.

Carl has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Dublin City University, loves open source development and is a fluent French speaker.

Melissa Knuttel – WordPress Developer & Technical Writer

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melissa_profile_picWordPress Developer and Technical Writer with over 17 years experience.
Specialises in the design and development of custom content-heavy websites for corporate businesses.
Responsible for the design and development of a number of small-to-medium-size business websites using WordPress.
Former SAP documentation and training technical writer.