The Uniphar Project

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UnipharUniphar is a leading Irish pharmaceutical wholesale and logistics company. In 2013 Uniphar implemented SAP ECC6 and ERPapps were engaged to design and develop a new Sales and Billing portal that was fully integrated with SAP. The new portal would replace the existing website available to “link” members and expand the customer base to include all retail pharmacists, hospitals and veterinary clinics.

Our goal was to build a site that a busy pharmacist could navigate with the minimum of fuss. We also wanted the site to positively promote the Uniphar brand.

The site was built on an open-source Java platform using SAP Services. Open-source Java gave us unlimited flexibility with a licence-free product. Using SAP Services allowed us to communicate directly with the core system, creating and confirming customer orders in real time while ensuring the accuracy of product pricing and stock levels. Our real-time link to the core system also guaranteed exact copies when it came to customer billing document reprints.

The final result is a site that has won the approval of Uniphar’s customers and suppliers alike. Our partnership with Uniphar is ongoing as they push to extend the site’s offerings and we strive to deliver a flexible and responsive platform that continues to grow online sales and brand recognition.

Visit the Uniphar Sales and Billing portal at